Were-Spider Wedding

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Were-Spider Wedding
is the fourth episode of season 6.


(Finn and Jake are fighting Hobgoblins in the Fart Kingdom)

FINN: Aw, man, it reeks! I can't fight like THIS!

Jake punches a Hobgoblin with his hammer hand

HOBGOBLIN 1: Aw, my cheeks!

FINN: Dude, don't say it like that! Uuugh!


Hobgoblin 1 punches Finn, then grabs a knife and attacks Jake, but Jake dodges.

JAKE: Haha, jerk!

Just then, Hobgoblin 2 forges a shadow knife out of thin air and stabs Jake.

JAKE: Aw, god, man! Not cool! It already smells bad, you want me to friggin' BLEED?

HOBGOBLIN 2: (cries) Aw, maaan! Sorry, don't be so harsh! I just wanted action! WAAAAAH!

HOBGOBLIN 1: (goes to hug Hobgoblin 2) Way to go, Jake!

Hobgoblin 1 starts crying too.

JAKE: Man you were attacking the Fart kingdom? What else should I have done? (Starts crying as well)

FINN: (Thoughts) Aw, plopplebutter! Dirty plopplebutter! EVERYONE's crying!

FINN: Hey, Fart Princess!

FART PRINCESS: Yesssss, Finn?

(Fart Princess farts)

FINN: Uuuh... how do I fix this?

(Fart Princess farts again)

FART PRINCESS: Theres a special silk that fixes everything...

Finn smiles

FART PRINCESS: That can only be found in an evil spider's web

Finn frowns


At the spiders web...

Finn yawns

FINN: I finally made it! And it only took me 20 hours!

Finn walks up to grab a part of the web, but gets stuck in it.


Just then, Plopplebutter the evil spider comes up to Finn.


Plopplebutter looks at Finn's hat and gasps.

PLOPPLEBUTTER: I see! Your the man with the double-lumped hat! You came to our wedding!

FINN: Wha? ....Oh, I see, my hat.

PLOPPLEBUTTER: Well, my wife is here.

A hideous spider comes up to Finn.

FINN: Shmowzow!

PLOPPLEBUTTER: Yes, thats her name!


FINN: Lets get this over with. Hand me the speechy-thingy.


FINN: Yawn. You may kiss your bride.

The 2 spiders kiss.

FINN: Ugh...

Finn grabs a part of the web and escapes as the spiders make out.

In the Fart Kingdom...

Jake and the 2 Hobgoblins are still crying as Finn walks up.

FINN: Hey, persons..

Fart Princess farts.

FART PRINCESS: Dont you mean guys?

Fart Princess farts.

FINN: Uuuh.. yeah. Well stop crying.

JAKE (crying): NOOO! Waaah!

Hobgoblin 3 walks up with a web as well.

HOBGOBLIN 3: Its okay people, I got a web!

Everyone stares at Hobgoblin 3.

FINN: Uuuh... II already got a special web.

HOBGOBLIN 3: Aw, Plopplebutter!

FINN: Uuugh... I never want too hear that name again.

HOBGOBLIN 3: It's a name?

FINN: What ever... I dont wanna talk about it.

Finn rips the web into 3 pieces. He puts one on Jake, puts one as Hobgolin 2, and puts one on Hobgoblin 1, then all 3 of them stop crying.

Everyone smiles, besides Hobgoblin 3.

HOBGOBLIN 3: Uuuh... what just happened?

Meanwhile at the spiders web.

The 2 spiders keep making out, as the real "man with the double-lumped hat" arrives, then stares at them. Then the man with the double-lumped hat leaves.