it all started out when mordecai and rigby are playing the hammer 2 rise of the monster

mordecai: come on you can do better than that dude

rigby: i am very trying,it's just a little hard

then the tv was black

mordecai: [sign] not again

somehow it turn out to be a mysterious firgure with a red eye

rigby: oh great i'll pause that

when rigby pause a shocking came to rigby and mordecai

mordecai: what the heck

pops: what's up gu- whoa

skips: what's a matter what the

musle man: what is it this time

hive five ghost: yeah what is- huh

then they all teleported except for benson

benson: why does it have to happen every time like something happens in the park


meanwhile where gumball anais and darwin playing catch sundenly a portal appeared

it's those guys falling out of the portal screaming

rigby: what's happening

anais: what's that up in the sky?

they fall out of the sky then landed on the ground

mordecai: what is this place

pops: i have no idea

gumball: who are you guys

after the gang introduce them selfs espically gumball darwin and anais they have  a talk

darwin: so how did you guys get here

rigby; well it all started out when we were playng the hammer 2

one explanation later

rigby: and that is how it started

gumball: hey do you guys want to get inside

musle man: sure

they got inside the house

skips: nice place you got here

nicole; here i see you got new friends

richard: they really have

pops; who's your mother

darwin: our mom's nicole,and our dad's richard

rigby: wow let's play dig champs 2

mordecai and rigby:ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh

when they put the game in a dark figure was here again

mordecai: oh come on what is because he hates video games

the shocking reappeared and shock the rest of the gang including nicole and richard except for anais

mordecai;rigby throw a glass of water

when rigby throw a glass of water at the tv it had no effect

rigby: great it has no effect

the gang was teloported with richard and nicole still except for anais

anais: [sniff] i'm the only one alone now


meanwhile again at the land of oo where finn and jake watching tv

finn: what else is on

jake: i don't know

the portal appeared is it open then everybody falls


finn: what was that

when they check they found them

finn: who are you guys

one introding themselfs later and explaining how it happen

finn: wow that's a long story

pops: of course it is

hive five: hey did you guys here something

mordecai: hear wha-

?????; help help

finn: that sounds like pb

rigby: pb who's pb

king simon:hahahahahaha

finn: holy smoke it's king simon the snow lord

mordecai: look who else is here

the mysterious figure took off his hood

finn: oh no it's lord jerky

mordecai: lord jerky [laughing] that's a stupid name

rigby:[laugning] yeah that's a stupid name

everybody:[laughing so hard]

finn; please don't make fun of his name do you know what will happen if you do that such a thing.

lord jerky ran as angry as he looks

lord jerky[demon voice] do not make fun of my name or else i will kill you in the chest

mordecai: but it really is funn-

lord jerky: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as you can see i will invade your dimensions for my brilliant plans

skips: your plans are so lame

richard: totally

rigby: so why did you want to teleport us to gumball's world then to finn's world from out of our world

lord jerky: because i wanna mix things up to conqur every dimension

lord jerky opens a portal to get inside

rigby mordecai especially gumball and darwin get inside after lord jerky got inside

nicole: what are we gonna do

pops: i have no idea


the gang such as m.r.g. and d. are in the darkworld

mordecai: were are we

rigby: i don't know

lord jerky:[voice] welcome to the darkworld of evil bwahahahahahahahah

darwin: show yourself

gumball: yeah show yourself

rigby started to disappear

rigby: what's happen to m-

rigby already got disappeared

mordecai: what did you do to rigby

lord jerky:[voice] nothing except i made him disappear to my secret base

darwin: you can't just do tha-

darwin seems to disappear too

lord jerky:[voice] looks like you two are left brahahahahahahaha let's see if you beat my deadly weapon killer

killer is walking then stops

lord jerky:[voice] killer destory them all

killer: yes master

the vision of killer targeting the two of them

voice computer: begining to kill in 3 2-

the vision seems to be breaking up

voice computer: warning breaking up breaking up can be able to{shut down]

killer seems to fall down

lord jerky: fine i'll just battle you by my self

lord jerky: now i will

mordecai pucnh jerky in the chest

mordecai: death punchies

lord jerky: nooooo my powers gone [shocking] you will not try to [dying] see the last of me

lord jerky exploded and the whole world started th collapse

rigby and darwin reappeared

rigby: what just happen

mordecai:theirs no time to-

the whole world exploded because they couldn't find a way home


everybody have a funeral for mordecai rigby gumball and darwin

skips: we gather today for these heroes, they have defeated lord jerky, but they couldn't find a way home

nicole: i have something to say i will miss these boys[crying]

richard: nicole don't worry nicole we could have another one

nicole: but richard that's replacing and that can't just happen

richard: oh ok

for right now before they get to the portals they have one more chat

skips: we can come back for someday

richard: we won't try to forget

finnaly they got to the portals

the end or is it


meanwhile in space

they woke up and they found out they survived

mordecai: i was thinking that we could be dead

rigby: me too hey why are we in space

mordecai: hmmmm maybe the world of darkness got destroyed with a core of lord jerky so it must of cause to become space

rigby; how did you know

mordecai: just saying

rigby: hey guys what should we do now

darwin: i guess we will use this sleepy pod

gumball: hey where did you get that

darwin: i buyed it for us to sleep hey it has 6 spaces and a blanket with 6 big pillows

rigby: what do you think mordecai

mordecai: i guess we should sleep in that to get us frozen for the future

rigby: good idea

morecai rigby gumball and darwin went inside,fall asleep, got frozen and dreaming

that's the epilogue

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