Finn is having a vision.He sees Ice King And Marcline fighting zombies.Also a girl with a crystal sword getting a cyclops.Then The Lich pops up and kills almost everybody.Then the worst vision.I will not type it here because you will cry if you hear it,not an insult,.Finn then wakes up and feels weird.Jake suggests taking finn to the doctor.They go to the candy doctor.Jake thinks Finn may had been posessed.After leaving they saw Marcline and Ice King fighting Zombies.Around Ooo there is now a war.Finns visions were true.Finn says he will get the Enciridion.Jake remarks Finn giving it to the Bear.It then cuts to Snail releasing the Lich from his body.The Enchiridion falls into Finn's hands.Then they go to the grasslands.Only to find their Tree Fort destroyed.

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