Takashi Hiroshama is human-Chinese dragon hybrid.He found Finn and Jake in "The cursed boy" episode.He was

son of  Japanese politcian family.But he kidnapped by illegal medicine corporation to be thier "Guinea pig".He got

transformed little by little until the mushroom war began.He escaped to lived with the people that hid ubder

tunnel or past "hyoomen".One day,hyoomen tried to ate him but he escaped Promptly to cave in the sand

mountain.Once day,Finn and Jake get hunted by him.When he know Finn is human,He let Finn go.Sometime,He

go to help Finn and Jake.He is believe in Buddhist,Kind,calm,gentle but sometime rude. 

Takashi Hiroshama


Takashi Hiroshama


Human(before 25) Human-Chinese dragon hybrid(25-1000+)




Flying,Fire-breath,Immune magic, healing(self&another people),Dragon transformation,immortality


Asian magic,vampire's attack


Finn-First time he met Finn.He tried to ate Finn because he furious on hyoomen.But when he took off Finn's Hat.

He knew Finn is human and let Finn gone.In episode"the gem of Dhalai Lama" He help Finn to find

Dalai Lama's gem for wish to restart mankind.they become friend.

Jake-Jake meet Takashi on First episode of season7 "Finn Mertens" on the portal that everything almost normal 

like mushroom war isn't happen,Human still only rising Spicies but it have something strange like Flying

blood-eating elephant,Petting T-rex or Talking dog (Jake is one of them).

Marceline-Takashi and Marceline was couple.One day they broke up because Marceline though he was boring

because he often do everything on Asian style and fought him.He has to escaped to sand mountain.

Ice king- he was friend with ice king but he come to saw ice king few times.In episode"the gem of Dhalai Lama",

He steal ice king's crown to use it to make ice bridge across the sea.When he wear ice king's hat,he still can

control his mind completly because he immune power of magic.He know Ice king when he still Simon Pertikov at

Excursions when he was on grade 5th.

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