She Came From The Nightosphere

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She Came From The Nightosphere
is the second episode of Season 6. It is the third gender-swapped episode, and the debut appearance of Helen Abadeer, Marshall Lee's Mom. The title is a reference to the episode "It Came From The Nightosphere".


Marshall Lee and his band, The Scream Kings, are preforming at The Lollipop, a popular club in the Candy Kingdom.

As they finish playing, some people cheer.

Marshall Lee: Thanks, guys. Seeya some other time, I guess.

Backstage, Marshall Lee is sitting down, when Ms. Pig walks up to him.

Ms. Pig: Mr. Lee, somebody's here to see you.

Marshall Lee: Yeah, and who's that?

Ms. Pig: I beleive her name was Abadeer or something.

Marshall Lee: Wait.... Helen Abadeer? Oh, Glob....

Helen Abadeer enters the room.

Helen: Hello, Marshall.

Marshall Lee: Yeah, uh, hi. Gotta go. Seeya later, Mom.

Marshall Lee gets up and walks away fastly.

Helen: [yelling] Marshall Lee Hudson, get back here right now, young man!

Marshall Lee: What?

Helen: I just got out of the Nightosphere, and it's been a long time, don't you wanna say hi to your mother?

Marshall Lee: I'm still mad at you from that time you ate my fries or mozzarella sticks or... what was it again? Wait, fries. It was fries.

Helen: I'm sorry Marshall, but you knew I was hungry because of that no-soul diet.

Marshall Lee: Oh, go suck some blood or something.

Helen: Hm... maybe I will.

Marshall Lee: Fine.

Helen: Okay.

Marshall Lee: Yeah. It is okay.

Helen: I am fine with the fact that it is okay.

Marshall Lee: Good for you!

Later, Helen Abadeer is in the Breakfast Kingdom.

Helen: Why doesn't Marshall like me?

Helen accidentally steps on Breakfast Prince's brother, Toast Prince.

Toast Price: Gak! Bro!

Helen: Why, you're... small.

Breakfast Prince runs up.

Breakfast Prince: OH MY GOD, BRO!

Helen: Well, aren't you two... foods.

Breakfast Prince: Don't worry, bro, I'll call Fionna and Cake!

Toast Prince: Gaaah, hurry!

Breakfast Prince: Get off of him, old lady!

Helen: Hey, I'm not old! I'm just seventy million and fourty two years old, that's still young! Isn't it? Isn't it?

Toast Prince: GET OFF MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Breakfast Prince pulls out his phone and calls Fionna and Cake.

Breakfast Prince: Fionna, it's me, Breakfast Prince. We have a situation. Some geezer stepped on my brother!

Helen: I'm not [turns into a giant monster] a geezer!

Helen sucks out Breakfast Prince's soul.

Toast Prince crawls out from under Helen's shoe ad runs off.

Toast Prince: AAAAAAH!!!

Later, Fionna and Cake are in the Candy Kingdom.

Fionna: Hmmm... look for anything suspicious, Cake,

Cake notices the soulless Breakfast Prince wandering around moaning.

Breakfast Prince: Uuuuh....

Cake: Hmmm.... does that zombie count?

Fionna: [excited] A zombie? WHERE? WHERE? Oh, that's just.... Breakfast Prince?

Breakfast Prince: Oooooohhhh...... uuuugh.......

Cake: Look,  a giant footprint! And some Breakfast People blood!

Cake points to a giant footprint with some syrup (Breakfast People blood) by it.

Fionna: This is serious business, Cake.

Cake: Ooo, sounds like it's that time of day again... adventure time!

In the Candy Kingdom, Prince Gumball is sitting in his castle.

Prince Gumball: Peppermint Maid, can you get me a glass of water?

Peppermint Maid: Sure thing.

Peppermint Maid leaves the room.

Suddenly, Peppermint Maid's screams are heard, and shortly after Helen Abadeer walks into the room in her giant monster form.

Helen: So, you're one of Marshall's friends.


Fionna jumps through the window wearing a "Cakesuit".


Cakesuit Fionna punches Helen.

Helen: HISSSSSS!!!!

Fionna: What are you?

Helen: I am the queen of darkness! The ruler of the Nightosphere! The -----

Fionna uppercuts Helen.

Helen: Hey!

Helen is about to suck Fionna's soul, when Marshall Lee comes floating in through the window and tackles her.

Marshall Lee: MOM!!!!

Helen: Marshall, let go!

Marshall Lee: Go back to the Nightosphere, you maniac, I don't want you here!

Helen stops struggling.

Helen: So... you don't... you don't want to spend time with me?

Marshall gets up.

Marshall Lee: Mom, it's not... no, it's.... UGH. Please, just leave, Mom. I'll visit you tomorrow. Please, Mom... just... just leave.

Helen: But, Marshall, I wanted to visit you! Spend time with you!

Marshall Lee: I'm just... Mom... please go for now. Please.

Helen: Fine.

Helen gets up and opens a portal to the Nightosphere.

Helen: I'm sorry.

Helen jumps into the portal and it closes after her.

Prince Gumball: What was that all about.

Marshall Lee: It's complicated.

The scene cuts to Ice King lying on his bed writing the story.

Ice King: Like it?

The camera moves over to reveal Hunson Abadeer in the room.

Hunson: Um....


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