The Shadow Guardian is an alternate reality version of Finn that hops from reality to reality, often stopping on the mainstream reality.


  • Stars of Frozen Rain: can launch ninja stars made of ice.
  • Flight: being a former ultimate wizard, he can fly unassisted.
  • Golden Dragon Sword: grants superspeed and agility.
  • Super-strength: having wielded the Nightosphere Amulet, he can summon the strength of a demon lord at a mere thought.
  • Mommy-magic: Like the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life-giving, he can animate non-living things.
  • Bandage-stretching: Like Prince Snare-oh, he can turn his arm into stretchable bandages.
  • Element-energy: having connected to the Hyper-force(an source of universally great power) can fire beams and orbs of unusually powerful elemental force.

Realities visited

  • Farmworld: The Reality in which humans still ruled as the dominant species.
  • Apocalypse now: A topsy-turvy world in which all life faced natural disasters every day.
  • Mainsteam: The TV series which we all know and love.
  • Iced over: A reality in which Finn posseses the Ice King's crown.
  • Happily ever after: Finn marries Princess Bubblegum, Jake marries Lady Rainicorn, Ice King regains his sanity, and Lemongrab isn't so sour.
  • Rebirth: The Reality in which Finn restarts the human race with Aquatia.


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