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Finn and Jake, residents of Ooo, meet the stars of Regular Show: Mordecai the Blue Jay and Rigby the Raccoon. Can this adventure be regular? Or algebraic?


Finn: Hey, Jake

Jake: Yeah, Finn?

Finn: Do blue jays and raccoons talk?

Jake: Nah!

Finn: Then, why are they?

Mordecai: This adventure is NOT regular!

Rigby: You guys wanna go play video games?

Beemo: Oh, no!

The Adventure Time and Regular Show stars chase Beemo away.

Announcer: Watch the new crossover, Regular Time. And, watch Adventure Time and Regular Show on Cartoon Network

Funny Quotes

Finn: Hey, Jake? Jake? Jake? Jake? JAKE!

Jake: AAAH! Gosh, you scared me!

Mordecai: Hey, Rigby, I'm gonna do that to you next time

Rigby: That's only if you wanna get punched!

Ice King: FINN THE HUMAN AND JAKE THE DOG! You will never stop me from stealing Princess Bublegum!

Finn: Yes I will!

Princess Bubblegum: Who are THEY?

Mordecai: I'm Mordecai, and that's Rigby

Rigby: Hi! I like video games...

Jake punches Ice King.

Ice King: Ow, ow! My beard... again

Finn: Mordecai, i'll give you my sord after I get his crown off

Ice King: Mordecai, Mordecai is your name

Mordecai: Yes

Morecai punches ice king

Finn Punches Ice King's Magic Crown Off his head


Finn gives Mordecai his sword

Mordecai: I'LL KILL YOU

Throws Sword and Ice King gets hit and fly away

Ice King: Curse you Finn, Jake, Mordecai and a ground hog

Rigby: It's called a RACOON!! and my name is Rigby!!!!

he throws a Sement Block then kicks him

Ice King: AAHHHHHH!!!

Falls and gets hit on head with floor


HYPERTiZ (FYI im not the creator of this wiki i wanna comment XD): Thats funny! XD

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