Mace, Fang, and Lance
Mace, Fang, and Lance
Mace, Fang, and Lance
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Three-Headed Demon Dog
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Mace, Fang, and Lance are a three-headed demon dog and Gill's most loyal minions.


A three-headed dog with different minds and personalities. Mace (yellow) is tough and relentless, Fang (red) his wise and smooth, and Lance (green) is comedic and stimuating. They are Gill's sidekicks in doing whatever they want in the Land of Ooo. They mostly stand on their hind legs and can each use their front legs/arms. They have the power to have elasticity in their neck and shoot out "Bark Blasts". They also have the ability to split into three separate body whenever they want, but usually perferred to be merged.

When Gill is fighting with Finn, they would fight against Jake the Dog. They enjoy inflicted damage on Jake; saying he's a dumb, lazy, pitiful excuse for a dog compared to them.

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