Gill the Evil Human
Gill the Evil Human
Vital statistics
Title Gill the Evil Human
Gender Male
Race Human
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Gill (full title: Gill the Evil Human) is the new arch-nemesis to Finn and a surviving teenage human.


Not much is known about Gill's past yet. He came to the Land of Ooo on a boat with his three-headed demon dog, Mace, Fang, and Lance. He started terrorizing all of Ooo, and started drawing the attention Finn and Jake. Surprised to see that Gill is a human who survived the Mushroom War, Finn was endeavor in battling Gill. Even though they are enemies, Gill share sympathy with Finn for being the last of their kind.

Unlike Finn; Gill is faster, smarter, and more experience in combat training. He fights in a very specific style along with evasive blocks and dodges, and attacking his enemies at the right moment. He is the complete opposite of Finn. As Finn fights in becoming a hero, Gill fighting for his own selfish desires makes him a villain.


  • "Gill" was named after a part of a fish, similar to "Finn".

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