finn and veemon, also known as F.A.V is a cr​ossover of digimon:digital monsters and adventure time.

main chare​cters(why is LSP minor?coudn't find a matching digimon for her)

  • finn:finn is now 14, due to this taking place 1 year after the show.he is also a better leader.
  • veemon:finn's partner and best friend.may be replaced.
  • jake:just get on the real page.
  • gaossmon:looked like a good fit for jake.​
  • marcaline:prankster!
  • meramon:same as maraline.
  • PB:same as original show.
  • biomon(bee-oh-mon):same as PB.
  • lady rainocorn:playful.
  • guilmon:BREAD.
  • ice king:same as original show
  • demidevimon:same as ice king

​co-writing test

  1. do you know about digimon?
  2. do you know why BREAD is guilmon's discription?

I know, shortest test ever.anser in the comments.

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