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"Evicted Again!" Is a episode of the show "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake". This is a sequel to "Evicted!" and "Marceline's Henchman". and the production number is 9132-53.


Finn finds out that Marceline captured Princess Bubblegum, the other princess' and Jake. So He and the Ice King find her, but they got captured by Aberham Lincon (Adventure Time) in the planet of mars and back in time, which also captured Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.

Memorial Quotes

1. Ice King: You can't help me! I'm marrying princess's! That's Why!!

Princess's: Ooh!

2. Finn: Come on Ice King, I will give you a "Every Day To Capture All Princess's And Princess Bubblegum Will Marry You" invatation!

Ice King: Um, Ok.

3. Finn: This sucks!

4. Princess Bubblegum: You can't help Ice King help us, Finn! He's evil.

Finn: But...

Princess': Butt No!

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