Starts with the ending quote " This battle would be impossible without Finn.""Wait.Did you say without."a voice said."Yes." said Fionna."I miss Finn.""So you miss someone?"Said Ahabrham Lincon."Yes."said Fionna"And that someone would miss you?"said Lincon."Yes."said FiFi.Lincon said "I know how you feel.I will retrieve your friend from the 37th dead world."Fionna says thanks.Lincon is in the 37th dead world holding Finn and ecounters Death. Let me put this into lyrics. Death:why are you here. Lincon:I need you to bring Finn back. Death:What will offer me. Lincon offers a penny. Death:No.Too worthless. Lincon:Then I will sacrifice my imortality. Death:Ok.(brings Finn back to life). Finn comes back to earth.Then Fionna tells him how much she missed him and the two kiss.Then Finn prepares to fight.Jake and Cake defeat the whole army.Finn then fought The Lich.Finn took out his blue sword.And killed The Lich for good.Part 2 - the baby.Fionna had tears of joy now that her husband is back.The Lich defeated,and back to normal.Then Fionna feels the baby coming out.They rush to the hospital.And the baby comes out."I guess it's a happy ending after all."says Finn.The End.

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