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Bat King

Title card

Bat King An evil werebat king messes with Finn and makes him believe that he's a villain.
She Came From The Nightosphere

Title card

She Came From The Nightosphere Marshall Lee's mother, Helen Abadeer, comes to pay her son an unexpected visit, which doesn't go too well.
The Pups Vs. Me-Mow

Title card

The Pups Vs. Me-Mow Me-Mow and her three brothers plan to get their revenge on Jake by assassinating the pups.
Were-Spider Wedding
Were-Spider Wedding

Finn gets stuck in a spider-web while trying to get a magic silk that can fix any problem.

All Stupid Penguins
All Stupid Penguins Ice King has Finn and Jake teach Gunter how to be smart.
Chaos In The Cloud Kingdom
Chaos In The Cloud Kingdom Finn and Jake set out to save the Cloud Kingdom from a vicious dog that has created an evil clone of Finn.
Under The Tree Fort
Under The Tree Fort Finn and Jake decide to dig for their dad's lost treasure, and end up in the Underground Kingdom, where they meet villains such as a giant dragon, Underground Princess, and a creepy old man who keeps stalking them.
Pyromaniacs Bat King kidnaps Flame Princess and decides to hold her for ransom since he can't eat her without getting burned.
Burnt To A Crisp
Burnt To A Crisp While looking for a mysterious fugitive, Fionna and Cake meet a fiery stranger.
When Life Gives You Lemons
When Life Gives You Lemons The Earl of Lemongrab is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger.
Jungle Princess
Jungle Princess Finn and Jak go on a quest to save Jungle Princess and her tribe of Jungle People from a hoard of Lub Glubs.
Candy Dead
Candy Dead An evil wizard named Banano puts a curse on the Land of Ooo that turns everybody besides Finn, Marceline, Ice King, BMO, Neptr, and Tree Trunks into a zombie.
Horror Time Title Card
Horror Time Finn and Jake tell scary stories in the tree fort on Halloween night, which include The Shmowing, A Nightmare In The Candy Kingdom, and Draculene.
Vampire Arena
Vampire Arena Finn and Jake try to get Marceline to help them investigate a secret vampire fighting arena.
The Haunted Tree Fort
The Haunted Tree Fort Finn and Jake disover a ghost living in the tree fort.
BMO & Neptr
Glob World
Tree Trunks & The Fish
Legend of the Lich
Mushroom War
Finn Vs. The Lich

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