season 1

  1. only wizards allowed
  2. bat king
  3. she came from the nightosphere
  4. the pups vs. me-mow
  5. were-spider wedding
  6. all stupid penguins
  7. chaos in the cloud kingdom
  8. evicted again
  9. under water love
  10. the wayward tower of whoops
  11. the adventures of gumball
  12. a hot and cold romance
  13. a world of rock
  14. the regular world of adventure time
  15. regular time with finn,jake,mordecai and rigby
  16. adventure time with tim and sake
  17. finn and veemon
  18. all red day dates
  19. business time 2
  20. the movie
  21. humann dimention
  22. the lich's revenge

season 2

  1. ultimate time
  2. dad
  3. prince share-oh

more coming soon

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