it all starts with PB making a time machine Finn and Jake

came to see whats PB is doing

PB told Finn and Jake this is a time machine so she could see the past PB told them not to touch it but they tried it

irresponsbly sending them to 2016 Finn and Jake saw someone wearing a mask the guy said Sandman! we got a civilian here and a dog. The two heroes said who are you he said American Special Forces the duo introduced themselves and said they could fight but Frost said no this is war the duo looked at the scorched buildings and the soviets then someone came out it was the Ice king then bullets where flying everywhere then the ice king freeze all the Soviets and the team said magic i thought they dont exist then Finn brought out his family sword and defeated every Soviet and Jake grew huge and smashed the Soviets. The team was amazed the team lend Finn a M4A1 ACOG and a USP and told him how to use the guns they also gave him modern soldier gear and they let finn keep his sword.


After the fight Frost gave ice king juggernaut armor then Sandman told the trio to go with Captain Price and Soap and Yuri to get Waraabe. The trio met the three soldiers then they introduced themselves after they caught Waraabe and knowing about Volk the trio went back to the team. Mean while in the Soviet base Makarov saw the trio then PB came out of the time machine knowing the Finn and Jake touched it then Makarov saw her then he held PB captive PB said Finn will kick your butt! Makarov asked who is this Finn PB said a kid with a yellow dog you buttface Makarov made a plan to stop them from fighting and give up then Makarov called finn and said i got your PB Finn was worried the team said thanks for getting Volk and saving the Russian vice president for us guys then Finn said PB is in trouble the team said who's PB? Finn replied Princess Bubblegum. The team said we got someone to rescue too the Russian president Vorhevshsky and his daughter. Later the heroes and the Ice King went to the location of where PB and the russian president and his daughter is the heroes and the team attacked beating the Soviets.After rescuing the princess and the president and his daughter the trio went with Captain Price and Yuri but the ice king went back to Finn's time the duo and the two soldiers assaulted in juggernaut suits they beat all of Makarov's body guards and guards when the four reached the restaurant a heli fired a rocket hitting the restaurant Jake and Yuri are paralyzed while Finn and Price are still standing they ran to the chopper Price jumped while Finn Hid Price beat up the heli pilots but before one of the pilots was beaten up he shot the control systems crashing the helicopter. Makarov came out alive walking while Price can crawl Price reached for the gun but Makarov stepped on his hand then Makarov picked up the gun then Yuri came out and shot Makarov on the shoulder Makarov shot Yuri then Finn ran and kicked Makarov's Knee paralyzing him giving Price a chance to attack Makarov. Price beat up Makarov then he choked Makarov with a rappel then Price hooked the rappel knocks Makarovs head on the glass on the roof Makarov was hung while Price was on a balcony Finn told Price he is going back to Ooo so Finn went back with Jake.