All Stupid Penguins

Title card

All Stupid Penguins
is the fifth episode of season 6.


Finn and Jake are in the Ice Kingdom battling Ice King.

Finn: Hand over Fart Princess, Ice Turd!

Ice King: Aw, come on, you guys. I'm just lookin' for a li'l romance.... and I'm desperate. So Fart Princess is perfect for me!

Jake's fist turns giant and punches Ice King across the room.

Jake: BOOM!

Finn frees Fart Princess from the cage she's being kept in.

Fart Princess: [farts] Thank you, Finn. [farts again].

Finn: Um... your welcome.

Jake: What smells so--- [sees Fart Princess] uh, wonderful?

Fart Princess: [farts] My toots. They smell great!

Jake: Yeah. They, uh, sure do. Smell. Great....

Finn: So... seeya later?

Ice King: Hey, I'm not defeated yet!

Finn: Okay, look, ya old toot, me and Jake'll do ya a favor [Jake facepalms and sighs] IF you stop being evil for a few weeks so me and Jake won't have to come stop you while we're busy doin' stuff at the tree fort.

Jake: Oh, Glob, Finn...

Ice King: Well, as you might know, Gunter is kind of... really really dumb. If you teach him knowledgey stuff, I'll give up evil until you're done with your junk.

Jake: Oh, no, Finn, look what you've done! 

Finn, Jake, Gunter, and BMO are in the Tree Fort, and Gunter is sitting at a desk.

Gunter gets out of the desk, grabs a bottle, and smashes it over BMO's head.

BMO: Ow!

Jake: Hey!

Jake grabs Gunter and puts him back in the desk.

Finn: That's it, Gunter, no more bottles!

Gunter: [squawking noises]

Finn: Hmmm.... how should we teach this guy to learn about junk, if all he wants to do is break stuff?

Jake: Maybe he likes music! I'll get my viola!

Jake stretches his arms over to his viola and picks it up, then starts playing.

Finn: Hmmm.... that's it! Educational song!

Jake: Sing it, brother!

Finn: [singing] Learning isn't easy, and it's kind of dumb. But when you get the hang of it, it still isn't that fun. And... stuff.

Jake: [yelling] WEAK!!!

Finn: Well, how do you sing an educational song!

Jake: Ya gotta sing as dorky as possible, man! Let me show you...

Jake closes his eyes, continues playing his viola, and starts humming.

Jake: [singing] This is the song of awesome stuff, this is the song of learning. Learning is the awesome stuff, in this song of learning. Did you know that Earth is constantly turning? Around and around and around the sun, learning can sometimes be lots of fun. Don't listen to people who hate it 'cuz they're plenty dumb, learning can be fun!

Gunter, Finn, and BMO start clapping.

Jake: Thank you, people of Ooo!

Finn: Now do you wanna learn?

Gunter farts.

Finn: Oh, boy...

Jake: Don't worry, Finn, Princess Bubblegum's a nerd, she can teach Gunter stuff!

Finn: But, um...

Jake: Oh, come on, you like Flame Princess now, it's not gonna be awkward or anything with PB!

Finn: You're right.... let's roll.

At PB's castle, Peppermint Butler is hasing after Gunter, who is smashing all the bottles in the building.

PB: Well, you're penguin friend sure is weird. Tell ya what, if you two go and defeat that dragon attacking the city, I'll try to teach him about science.

Finn: Ya sure? He might break some stuff.

Gunter throws a bottle at Jake.

Jake: Hey!

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