Adventure time the world of rock - plot.

This animated film will have a lot of characters seen within all the series previous, little information has been released about the film but a summary and a lot of the comedy has been so it is left toward our imagination :

when Finn and Jake are sent to go find the rare instrument (the mamoolada cord) by Princess Bubblegum when they wonder across a new world - a world of rock - as usual the 2 adventurers go to explore this new crazy world meeting all of the famous rock stars they have heared of and more, but when hip/hop Lemongrab comes with his rapping clone (Adventure time, season 4, ep 20 - you made me) they try to rule over the land and even with their electric guitars/lazer guns, drums/bombs and ect they cannot keep Lemongrab from making the place "hip" with the rock stars disorinetated, angry and depressed Finn and Jake make sure they help, joining up with their friends - Marceline, Princess bubblegum, BMO, Lumpy space princess and many more including Finn's new friend (and idol ) Rock top makenzie they make a plan to save the world of rock soon ending up with a epic music battle, cake and all that humor you get in the usual adventure time eps, with that same adventure time feel to it!

Jokes within the film:

that awesome adventure time feel can make you laught till' you drop, jokes like:

- At one point within the film Jake tries to grate Lemongrab to take his test for a cheese cake but afterwards Jake just wants to grate everything in sight at one point even the snail's (usualy seen at least once within evey ep) - face of.

-A singing tuna - a candy person decides to come along with the group of friends to help bring back rock to the the world, he tries to help by distacting Lemongrab by pretending to be a tuna fish and siging in no real tune "ima' tuna, ima' tuna, ima' tune ima' tuna not a salmon not no cat cuz' ima' tunaaaaaaaaaaa"

Refrences :

Within the film a lot of refrences to real rock stars appear i.e.:

- (one to steven tyler - lead singer of Aerosmith) their is a singer with long hair, long coats and a huge mouth.

- (one to Nick wheeler - guitarist of All american rejects) A guitarist who loves dogs, dog tatoos, dogs everywhere.

also refrences to other episodes are included i.e.:

-Jake metnioning why lady rainicorn was not there as she was tired. (series 4, ep 20 - lady and peebles)

-Also Marceline talking to the rock star with the dogs "Nick wheeler" about her dog. (zombie poodle)

A lot more is to this film than can be explained and shown but it is it sure to rock!

-For pen <3 from KTOONZ productions!! -