Adventure Time: Ocean Splits

Written by Dylan Sandlin



Chapter 1

Finn's New Girl

When Flame Princess is now Finn's new crush then PB don't get saved by Ice King. As Finn never had anything to do with her & Ice King was harrassing her she had no choice but to go back to her German decents across the ocean.

The Sail

When Princess survived the gauntlet dock Finn & Jake made she got on the boat. All of the people around the Grasslands & Candy Kingdom came to the gauntlet dock. Finn & the Princess shared a conversation. "PB!!! Wait." said Finn. PB flinches. "I, I, really like you a lot." PB makes a weird face as her interaction. "Oh Finn, that's sweet." she responded. The 2 share a kiss and she board's the sailboat. It was said that a tremor earthquake happened near the Fire Kingdom just north of Chicken Blood Isle, which is by the ocean. So a terrible wave hits the coast of Ooo. PB's boat get's sacked by the waves. But luckily it survives the storm. The princess gets informed the boat gave a boost to the boat & they should be at the coast of Amsterdam Bay. Which is near the boarder of Germany.

Chapter 2

The Journey Inland

PB arrives on shore & parties a little in the coffie houses. As her journey continues through the Dutch lands. She start's to erge about her life in Ooo. Meanwhile, Finn get's invited to a ball in the Fire Kingdom. "Jake?" Finn asks. :"Yeah" "Do you think I'll see that girl again?". "Nah,""Im not over Peebles." Finn inrerupts. So the guys just go back to the Grasslands. Back in Europe, PB boards a Eurorail train at the Grand Train Station in Rotterdam since she took a coach there. The train enters into the German boarder & the train stops in Dusseldorf, which is a city in the Northwest. ATTENTION: ALL THINGS WILL BE TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH The princess goes to a Pisswasser pub. She drinks a beer and a young Berliner named Adois comes up "So where you going. You look like you used too much pink makeup." "Yeah." said PB. She think's about Finn & starts to reject the nice compliments of Adois. So PB meets her family in the crummy tenement where she was raised in a hamlet outside Dusseldorf.

Chapter 3

The Return to Ooo

PB has a reunion with her family & decides to leave Europe & return to the continent of Ooo. The princess goes on the Eurorail to Berlin & goes to the Tegel International Airport. She flies tward Ooo & she crashes into the Fire Kingdom. She was lucky she fail between 2 people in the middle of someong giving the fire sheild to them. So PB got a fire sheild. She went out on a mission to sack the Flame Princess. She finds out Finn don't like her then she goes back toward the Candy Kingdom. The whole kingdom has a huge party. Finn & Jake get the news from the hologram device. So Finn & Princess Bubblegum have a romantic moment & the 2 decide to just stay friends.


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